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From Data Analytics to Models: Developing New Tools to Combat COVID-19 through Computing


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Department welcomes our new undergrad advisors: Tori Blackwell, Courtney Cabansag, Christine Denis, Brittany Johnson.  read more
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Distinguished University Professor is the highest academic honor bestowed by the university
The Elizabeth Stevinson Iribe Chair of Computer Science Professor Ming C. Lin , has been named 2019 Distinguished University Professor by the University of Maryland. It is the highest academic honor bestowed by the university. Lin joined University of Maryland in 2018 as the Chair of department of Computer Science. She came from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was the John R. and Louise S. Parker Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and a faculty member for 20 years. Lin earned her B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer sciences from the...  read more
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Rising Stars is an intensive academic career workshop for early-career women. The annual event brings together a group of the world's brightest females in computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering.
Aly’s research work focuses on spatial systems, mobile/wireless computing and crowdsourcing. She has worked on automatically building accessibility maps where indoor/outdoor spaces are marked with their accessibility state for the different disability types. She has worked on addressing different challenges to realize the system, e.g. accurate indoor and outdoor tracking, and valuation of spatiotemporal data. Aly’s research interests include intelligent systems, location determination systems and mobile/ubiquitous computing. She is interested in leveraging machine learning, signal processing...  read more
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Saha was advised by Professor Emeritus, Samir Khuller
Barna Saha receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers 2019. Saha, advised by Professor Emeritus Samir Khuller, is a theoretical computer scientist who also works on the mathematical foundations of data science. Saha’s career proposal focuses on building a unified theory of fine-grained algorithm design to study fast approximation algorithms, and understand the trade-offs between running time, approximation and randomness at the finest level. “Can we develop a faster algorithm for some of the very hard problems and if not, can we definitely say there is a...  read more
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Each year, the Department of Computer Science awards outstanding professors, instructors, and teaching assistants for the ingenuity, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and care that they bring to the classroom. This year, the committee solicited nominations to recognize STIC facilitators, in addition to the undergraduate and graduate teaching assistants, lecturers, and professors.The awardees have been recognized for their dedication, love of science, and the ways that they help to make the department one of the best at the University of Maryland. Congratulations to all the teaching award winners...  read more
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Marine Carpuat receives the award for her new project "Smart Machine Translation with Social Sensitivity: Facilitating Workplace Inclusion Through Socio-technical Solutions" in collaboration with Ge Gao, INFO-Information Studies school
Their study focuses on inclusion across language boundaries in organizations. The United States has 27.4 millions of migrant domestic workers and 42.3 millions of worldwide employees at offshore multinational organizations. Workplace communication often involves multiple languages, which can exclude people who do not speak a language in use, lead to social fragmentation between language groups, and hurt information sharing. The project brings together a unique combination of expertise in machine translation (MT) and computer-supported cooperative work (CSCW) to develop a smart machine...  read more
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Abhinav Bhatele, Ian Miers, Pratap Tokekar, Rachel Rudinger and Rob Patro join as Assistant Professors, department of Computer Science
The Computer Science Department is pleased to announce our newest professors of computer science. This new group of professors have research expertise ranging from High performance computing to Robotics, from Computational Biology to Cybersecurity and Natural Language Processing. The following faculty candidates will be joining the Department: Robert Patro ( June 30, 2019) Patro’s research interests are in the design of algorithms and data structures for processing, organizing, indexing and querying high-throughput genomics data. He also investigates topics at the intersection of efficient...  read more
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The department is saddened by the loss of Professor Emeritus Ray Miller, who passed away on June 5, 2019 at the age of 90.  read more
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The Prize is sponsored jointly by the ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC) and the EATCS Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC)
Professor Srinivasan receives the Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing for his paper titled "Randomized Distributed Edge Coloring via an Extension of the Chernoff–Hoeffding Bounds", coauthored by Alessandro Panconesi. This paper appeared in the SIAM Journal on Computing in 1997, and an earlier version appeared in PODC 1992. Several distributed resource-allocation problems, such as contention-free protocols, can be formulated as edge-coloring problems on networks. Prof. Srinivasan’s paper presents the first non-trivial distributed algorithm for this problem, and has led to much...  read more
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Assistant Professor Leilani Battle received the award for her project titled “Supporting Interactive Data Exploration at Scale”.
Visualizations are invaluable when exploring complex datasets. However, as datasets continue to grow at unprecedented rates, both visualization systems and database management systems are needed to process and render data efficiently. Leilani’s study aims to develop optimizations that enable close collaboration between visualization systems and database management systems, which can lead to better outcomes for systems (e.g., lower latency) and users (e.g., faster and more effective exploration).The study proposes to develop new evaluation techniques to improve the way they test systems...  read more