FireEye is Latest CS Corporate Partner

FireEye is the latest member to join the university's Corporate Partners in Computing Program, which puts companies like Appian, Booz Allen Hamilton, Carr Astronautics, Google and Yahoo in touch with UMD faculty and students to address challenges in cybersecurity, big data, electronic health records management, artificial intelligence, visual analytics, parallel computing and more.

The partnership between UMD and FireEye is hosted by the Department of Computer Science and the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, where interdisciplinary teams use large-scale computing resources to tackle some of today's most pressing scientific and societal problems.

"The collaboration with FireEye is particularly valuable for our students," says Samir Khuller, chair of computer science at Maryland. "It provides them with outstanding networking and employment opportunities, and offers hands-on experience working with top industry professionals."

The partnership also allows the UMD community to observe the latest trends and research by experts in the private sector, Khuller says, bringing better insight to Maryland faculty and graduate students working on new technologies and educational tools.

"We anticipate this collaboration with Maryland will give us access to outstanding talent, which we're always in search of as we continue to innovate," says Manish Gupta, a UMD alumnus (M.S. engineering) who is senior vice president of products at FireEye.

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