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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Photo of Ruohan Gao Gao Ruohan Adjunct Assistant Professor rhgaoatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Photo of William Gasarch Gasarch William Professor IRB 2242 (301) 405-2698 gasarchatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Photo of Lise Getoor Getoor Lise Adjunct Professor getooratcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Photo of Jennifer Golbeck Golbeck Jennifer Affiliate Professor HBK 2118F (301) 405-7185 jgolbeckatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Photo of Tom Goldstein Goldstein Tom Professor
Volpi-Cupal Endowed Professor
IRB 4144 (301) 405-0053 email homepage
Photo of Evan Golub Golub Evan Principal Lecturer IRB 1210 (301) 405-0180 egolubatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Photo of Elias Gonzalez Gonzalez Elias Lecturer
Curriculum Innovation Lead- Break Through Tech
IRB 1252 egonzal5atumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Photo of Daniel Gottesman Gottesman Daniel Professor
Brin Family Endowed Professor in Theoretical Computer Science
ATL 3251 dgottesmatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Photo of John Grant Grant John Adjunct Professor (301) 405-0689 grantatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Photo of Michael Gullans Gullans Michael Adjunct Assistant Professor mgullansatumd[.dot.]edu (email)