Pillars of Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Maryland has, over its storied history, evolved into a beacon of innovation, research and excellence. This journey, while shaped by breakthroughs, curriculum developments and global impacts, has been fundamentally anchored by the unwavering commitment and contributions of certain individuals. These visionaries, through their dedication, leadership and relentless pursuit of knowledge, have not only elevated the stature of our department but have also left a permanent mark on the world of computer science.

We take immense pride in introducing the 'Pillars of Computer Science'—a recognition reserved for those whose influence and endeavors have been instrumental in molding the legacy of the department. These individuals, with their profound contributions, have not only fortified the foundations of our academic institution but have also paved the path for the leaders of tomorrow.


photo of Victor Basili

Victor Basili
Profesor Emeritus
Former Department Chair, 1982-1988

photo of Larry Davis

Larry Davis
Profesor Emeritus, College Park Professor
Former Department Chair, 1999-2012

photo of Samir Khuller

Samir Khuller
Professor Emeritus, Distinguished Scholar Teacher
Former Department Chair, 2012-2017


photo of Jack Minker

Jack Minker (1927-2021)
Professor Emeritus
Founding Department Chair, 1974-1979

photo of Satish Tripathi

Satish Tripathi
President, University at Buffalo
Former Department Chair, 1988-1995