Staff Awards

The purpose of the Staff Awards Program is to promote service of the highest caliber to the Department. Two staff members receive the award each calendar year. An Awards Committee appointed by the Chair reviews nominated employees and recommends recipients to the Chair. Awards include staff members’ names added to a plaque displayed outside the Chair's office and monetary compensation. Official program guidelines are detailed in a PDF available here.

Individual Award Recipients

Year Spring Fall
2024 Todd Holden & Samuel Malede Zewdu  
2023 Monica Hilliard & Edwin Valdez Natalie Lightfoot-Solomon & Shanshan Wang
2022 Courtney Cabansag & Jeanine Worden Jodie Gray & Sergey Ivanov
2021 Kate Atchison & Maria Johnson Adelaide Findlay & Miriam Friedman
2020 Tom Hurst Richa Mathur & David Turner
2019 Steven Ryan Todd Holden
2018 Brandi Adams & Apitchaya Pimpawathin Lauren Segler
2017 Regis Boykin Adelaide Findlay & Alyssa Neuner
2016 Sharron McElroy Amy Vaillancourt & Kate Atchinson
2015 Jenny Story Brenda Chick
2014 Brandi Adams Savannah Renehan
2013 Todd Holden Jodie Gray
2012 Tracy Combs Sharron McElroy
2011 Geoff Ransom James Phongsuwan
2010 Jenny Story Brenda Chick
2009 Felicia Cheliah James Phongsuwan
2008 Kathy Barton Ken Knudsen
2007 Jessica Montgomery JoAnn Simms
2006 Janet Doherty Heather Murray
2005   Brenda Chick


Team Award Recipients

Year Spring Fall

Brandi Adams, Freddie Salley, Ken Kokason

"For their initiatives and efforts in starting the Inclusion & Diversity Speaker Series."

Brandi Adams, Regis Boykin, Miriam Friedman, Todd Holden, Sharron McElroy, Stephanie Peters, Steven Ryan, Jeanine Worden

"With gratitude for your extraordinary contributions to our Department's move to the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering this past year."