Maryland Day - April 26, 2008

Make sure to visit our events on Saturday, April 26, 2008 at the 10th Annual Maryland Day.

Kriegspiel Chess

See Kriegbot, our Artificial Intelligence Program, in action on the game of Kriegspiel Chess -- a version of chess in which most of your opponent's actions are hidden from you.

The Audio Camera

We have developed an audio camera that allows us to display the sound as an image. Each pixel of this image represents the intensity of sound from a particular direction. Audio images can be compared with visual images in a number of interesting applications, including noise supression, imaging of room acoustics, and video-conferencing.

MyeVyu: Making Campus Safer and Improving Campus Life

Come see the future of mobile devices and campus information technology! We will show not only what you can find on campus web sites in an integrated view, but also the location, audio, and video of roaming users running around campus.

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