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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Dana Dachman-Soled Dachman-Soled Dana Affiliate Assistant Professor IRB 5238 (301) 405-0794 danadach [at] (email)
Philip Dasler Dasler Philip PhD Candidate daslerpc [at] (email) homepage
Hal Daumé III Daumé III Hal Professor IRB 4150 (301) 405-1073 hal [at] (email) homepage
Larry Davis Davis Larry Professor
Director of the Center for Automation Research (CfAR)
IRB 4248 (301) 405-6718 lsd [at] (email) homepage
Gregory Davis Davis Gregory PhD Candidate IRB 5120 grpdavis [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Kusal De Alwis De Alwis Kusal Master's Candidate kdealwis [at] (email)
Leila De Floriani De Floriani Leila Affiliate Professor IRB 4132 (301) 405-4391 deflo [at] (email) homepage
Rina Dechter Dechter Rina Adjunct Professor IRB 2252 rdechter [at] (email)
Christine Denis Denis Christine Academic Advisor IRB 1139 301-405-6778 cdenis [at] (email)
Amol Deshpande Deshpande Amol Professor IRB 5154 (301) 405-2703 amol [at] (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Eadom Dessalene Dessalene Eadom PhD Candidate edessale [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Harnaik Dhami Dhami Harnaik PhD Candidate hdhami [at] (email)
Prithviraj Dhar Dhar Prithviraj PhD Candidate IRB 3116 +1-240-383-9870 pdhar [at] (email)
John Dickerson Dickerson John Assistant Professor IRB 4128 (301) 405-2774 john [at] (email) homepage
Mucong Ding Ding Mucong PhD Candidate IRB 4120 mcding [at] (email) homepage
Phong Dinh Dinh Phong Master's Candidate pdinh [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Deeksha Dixit Dixit Deeksha Master's Candidate ddixit [at] (email)
Samuel Dooley Dooley Samuel PhD Candidate IRB 2116 sdooley1 [at] (email)
Bonnie Dorr Dorr Bonnie Professor Emerita IRB 4132 bonnie [at] (email) homepage
Peter Druschel Druschel Peter Adjunct Professor pdrusche [at] (email) homepage
Dale Dullnig Dullnig Dale Master's Candidate IRB 3108 vozw [at] (email)
Tudor Dumitras Dumitras Tudor Affiliate Associate Professor IRB 5228 (301) 405-7466 tdumitra [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Sharmila Venkata Sathya Duppala Duppala Sharmila Venkata Sathya Master's Candidate sduppala [at] (email)
Ramani Duraiswami Duraiswami Ramani Professor
Associate Chair for Graduate Education
IRB 4244 (301) 405-6710 ramani [at] (email) homepage