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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Friedland Noah 1993 Utilizing energy function and description length minimization for integrated delineation, representation, and classification of objects Azriel Rosenfeld
Frederickson Greg 1977 Approximation algorithms for NP-hard routing problems Matthew Hecht
Frangiadakis Nikolaos 2012 Connectivity and Data Transmission over Wireless Mobile Systems  Nicholas Roussopoulos
Fouche Sandro 2010 Large Scale Automated Test Scheduling and Execution Adam Porter
Forman Ira 1979 On the decomposition of programs into primes Mills
Ford Gary 1977 An investigation of embeddings of cellular spaces for cellular automata Edmundson
Fontana Peter 2014 Towards A Unified Theory of Timed Automata 
Fonseca Guilherme 2007 Approximate Range Searching in the Absolute Error Model  David Mount
Flores Velazco Alejandro 2022 Algorithms and Data Structures for Faster Nearest-Neighbor Classification  David Mount
Flake Gary 1993 Nonmonotonic activation functions in multilayer perceptrons James Reggia
Fishman Daniel 1973 Experiments with a Resolution-Based Deductive Question-Answering System and a Proposed Clause Representation for Parallel Search
Fischer Jeffrey 1996 Compositional verification by model checking for counter-examples Richard Gerber
Filimonov Denis 2011 Decision Tree-Based Syntactic Language Modeling  Philip Resnik
Ferreira Renato 2001 Compiler Techniques for Data Parallel Applications using Very large Multi-Dimensional Datasets Joel Saltz
Fernandez Redonet Jose 1994 Disjunctive Deductive Databases
Feng Shi 2021 Towards Human-AI Cooperation on Sequential Decision Making Problems  Jordan Boyd-Graber
Feng Yushan 2023 Amitabh Varshney
Fekete Gyorgy 1988 Object recognition using property spheres Larry Davis
Fayzullin Marat 2004 Algebraic Multimedia: Theory and Implementation  V.S. Subrahmanian
Farrell Ryan 2011 Learning Visual Patterns: Imposing Order on Objects, Trajectories and Networks  Larry Davis
Farhadi Alireza 2022 Memory-Restricted and Secure Algorithms For Large Datasets  Mohammad Hajiaghayi
Farach-Colton Martín 1991 Efficient Replacement Strategies in the Memory Hierarchy Amihood Amir
Fakhraei Seyed Shobeir 2017 Collective Multi-relational Network Mining  Lise Getoor
Fails Jerry 2009 Mobile Collaboration for Young Children  Allison Druin
Evett Matthew 1994 PARKA: A System for Massively Parallel Knowledge Representation Hendler
Esperanca Claudio 1995 Orthogonal objects and their application in spatial databases Hanan Samet
Esmaeili Seyed Abdulaziz 2023 On Algorithms, Fairness, and Incentives  John Dickerson
Esfandiari Hossein 2017 Allocations in Large Markets  Mohammad Hajiaghayi
Erol Kutluhan 1995 Hierarchical Task-Network Planning Systems: Formalization, Analysis, and Implementation Dana Nau
Eom Hyeonsang 2003 Improving link-state routing Ashok Agrawala
Elsharnouby Tamer 2005 SeSFJava: A Framework for Design and Assertion-Checking for Concurrent Systems  A. Udaya Shankar
Elsharkawy Sameh 2001 Dynamic Real-Time Scheduling in Distributed Environment Ashok Agrawala
Elsayed Tamer 2009 Identity Resolution in Email Collections  Doug Oard
Elsaka Ethar 2016 Automated Software Debugging Using Hybrid Static/Dynamic Analysis 
Elgammal Ahmed 2002 Efficient nonparametric kernel density estimation for real time computer vision Larry Davis
El-Alfy Hazem 2009 Techniques for Video Surveillance: Automatic Video Editing and Target Tracking  Larry Davis
Eidelman Vladimir 2013 Improved Online Learning and Modeling for Feature-Rich Discriminative Machine Translation  Philip Resnik
Ehsani Banafati Soheil 2017 Online Decision Making via Prophet Setting  Mohammad Hajiaghayi
Ehrlich Max Donohue 2022 The First Principles of Deep Learning and Compression  Larry Davis, Abhinav Shrivastava
Ehrlich Max Donohue 2022 The First Principles of Deep Learning and Compression  Larry Davis, Abhinav Shrivastava
Ecins Aleksandrs 2017 Seeing Behind the Scene: Using Symmetry to Reason About Objects in Cluttered Environments  John Aloimonos
Eaton Cyntrica 2007 A Framework for Detecting, Diagnosing, and Correcting Environment-Specific Faults in Web Applications 
Eastman Roger 1990 Using disparity functionals for stereo correspondence and reconstruction Larry Davis
Dyer Charles 1979 Augmented cellular automata for image analysis Azriel Rosenfeld
Duric Zoran 1995 Geometric methods in visual motion analysis Azriel Rosenfeld
Dunsmore Hubert 1978 The influence of programming factors on programming complexity John D. Gannon
Dunne Cody 2013 Measuring and Improving the Readability of Network Visualizations  Ben Shneiderman
Dunn Stanley 1985 Recovering the orientation of textured surfaces Larry Davis
Dunlop Douglas 1982 An investigation of functional correctness issues Victor Basili
Duggan Dominic 1990 A programming language and environment based on types as specifications William Pugh