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PhD student Noseong Park, postdoctoral fellow Edoardo Serra, and Professor and Director of the Lab for Computational Cultural Dynamics and Center for Digital International Government V.S. Subrahmanian have published a paper in IEEE Intelligent Systems on the use of predictive analytics to prevent rhinoceros poaching. Building “...on behavior models of both rhinos and poachers,” the Anti-Poaching Engine system detailed in the paper represents a promising step towards increasing animal protection. The paper, “...the first entry in [Intelligent Systems'] new Predictive Analytics column,” is...  read more
PhD student Adil Yalcin's work on Keshif, a web-based data visualization tool designed to be readily usable to a wide audience, was featured in a Mobility Lab article this Monday. Yalcin is co-...  read more
The laboratory for Programming Languages at the University of Maryland (PLUM) released Adapton June 25, 2015. The lab is directed by Professors Jeff Foster and Michael Hicks and Assistant Professor David Van Horn. Adapton is a library offering “...programming language abstractions for incremental computation.” The website defines an incremental computation as one in which “...repeating [the computation] with a changed input is faster than from-scratch recomputation.” Adapton is currently available for OCaml , with implementations in Rust and Racket coming soon. A sizeable number of people...  read more
Craig Abod (B.S. Computer Science, 1986) received the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Greater Washington June 18, 2015. Abod is President and CEO of Carahsoft Technology Corporation.  read more
The Maryland Advanced Research Computing Center, a collaboration between the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University, is scheduled to open this month. The Center will be located close to...  read more
In early July on Twitter, Laird Malamed, the Chief Operating Officer of Oculus, announced that he will be running a charity marathon for two organizations for children as well as the Computer Science Department’s Andrew Reisse Memorial Scholarship : Mr. Malamed will run this marathon in Vermont on his 48 th birthday, July 12 th . This event also marks number thirty-three in his quest to run a marathon in all fifty states. An accomplished marathoner, Malamed has already run a marathon on all seven continents. He kindly agreed to an interview about how he met Andrew Reisse, whom he has called “...  read more
A number of students in the Computer Science Connect Camp run by Dr. Jandelyn Plane presented their final projects on Wednesday, July 1 in the Virtual and Augmented Reality Laboratory.  read more
Descriptive Image for Elissa Redmiles Receives Judges' Choice Prize in Microsoft Challenge for Change (16877)
Elissa Redmiles, a PhD student at the University of Maryland, received the Judges' Choice Prize in the 2015 Microsoft Challenge for Change competition. Redmiles' entry was one of fifteen finalists in her age group, out of over 2,100 total applicants to the contest. The Microsoft Challenge for Change is an annual competition in which students in age groups of 13-17 (added this year's competition) and 18-25 submit a proposal for an idea that uses technology to benefit society. Students compete for a $2,500 award to help start their project, a Windows Phone, the opportunity to serve as a...  read more
Assistant Professor Héctor Corrada Bravo and PhD student Wikum Dinalankara have published a study detailing a “robust” prediction method for the progression of tumors, based on the use of an anti-profile method to model variabilities in gene expression. The paper can be found at Libertas Academica here , and a detailed article from UMIACS is located here .  read more
When most people get directions, they assume the directions will be accurate and navigable. In the age of Google Maps and other geographical technologies, it's usually an easy assumption to make. For some users, however, conventional shortest-path directions may not be enough. Graduate student Kotaro Hara's work, done in the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and advised by Assistant Professor Jon Froehlich, focuses on mobility technology. Certain sidewalks in cities are difficult to access for individuals in wheelchairs or with other mobility impairments, due to a lack of curb ramps or other...  read more