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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
empty photo icon for Tahseen Rabbani Rabbani Tahseen PhD Candidate trabbani [at] (email)
Deepthi Raghunandan Raghunandan Deepthi PhD Candidate draghun1 [at] (email)
Jason Ramsey Ramsey Jason Master's Candidate jramsey3 [at] (email)
Robert Rand Rand Robert Research Associate
Basili Fellow
IRB 5248 rrand [at] (email) homepage
Louiqa Raschid Raschid Louiqa Affiliate Professor IRB 4154 (301) 405-6747 louiqa [at] (email)
Jack Rasiel Rasiel Jack PhD Candidate IRB 4112 jrasiel [at] (email) homepage
Saumya Rawat Rawat Saumya Master's Candidate IRB 3108 saumya [at] (email)
Elissa Redmiles Redmiles Elissa PhD Candidate IRB 5112 eredmiles [at] (email) homepage
James Reggia Reggia James Professor IRB 4124 (301) 405-2686 reggia [at] (email) homepage
William Regli Regli William Professor
Director, Institute for Systems Research (ISR)
IRB 4152 (301) 405-6738 regli [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Michael Reininger Reininger Michael Master's Candidate mreining [at] (email)
Yuval Reiss Reiss Yuval Master's Candidate yreiss [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Nathan Reitinger Reitinger Nathan PhD Candidate nlr [at] (email)
Brianna Ren Ren Brianna PhD Candidate IRB 5108 bren [at] (email)
Yixuan Ren Ren Yixuan PhD Candidate IRB 4116 email
Philip Resnik Resnik Philip Affiliate Professor
Professor, Department of Linguistics and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
Marie Mount Hall 1401C
IRB 4148
(301) 405-7002 resnik [at] (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Nao Rho Rho Nao Master's Candidate nrho [at] (email)
Richard Roberts Roberts Richard PhD Candidate IRB 5112 ricro [at] (email)
Wells Robinson Robinson Wells PhD Candidate IRB 3112 welles [at] (email)
Nishant Rodrigues Rodrigues Nishant PhD Candidate ngrodrig [at] (email) homepage
Pedro Rodriguez Rodriguez Pedro PhD Candidate IRB 4108 pedro [at] (email) homepage
Thomas Rolinger Rolinger Thomas PhD Candidate IRB 2112 tbrolin [at] (email)
Michael Rosenberg Rosenberg Michael PhD Candidate micro [at] (email) homepage
Aaron Roth Roth Aaron PhD Candidate IRB 5116 amroth [at] (email) homepage
Nicholas Roussopoulos Roussopoulos Nicholas Professor Emeritus IRB 2160 (301) 405-2687 nick [at] (email)
Alexander Rowden Rowden Alexander PhD Candidate IRB 3104 email homepage
Nirupam Roy Roy Nirupam Assistant Professor IRB 5240 nirupam [at] (email) homepage
Eytan Ruppin Ruppin Eytan Adjunct Professor ruppin [at] (email) homepage
Steven Ryan Ryan Steven IT Systems Analyst IRB 2158 (301) 405-2705 stryan [at] (email)
C. Anton Rytting Rytting C. Anton Adjunct Lecturer crytting [at] (email)