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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Tahseen Rabbani Rabbani Tahseen PhD Candidate IRB 4134 trabbaniatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Joel Rajakumar Rajakumar Joel PhD Candidate ATL 3369 jrajakumatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
empty photo icon for Nitya Raju Raju Nitya PhD Candidate nrajuatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Louiqa Raschid Raschid Louiqa Affiliate Professor IRB 4154 (301) 405-6747 louiqaatumiacs[.dot.]cs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Isabelle Rathbun Rathbun Isabelle PhD Candidate IRB 2120 irathbunatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
James Reggia Reggia James Professor Emeritus IRB 4124 (301) 405-2686 reggiaatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
William Regli Regli William Professor
Director, Institute for Systems Research (ISR)
IRB 4152 (301) 405-6738 regliatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Nathan Reitinger Reitinger Nathan PhD Candidate IRB 5112 nlratcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Yixuan Ren Ren Yixuan PhD Candidate IRB 3116 email
Philip Resnik Resnik Philip Affiliate Professor
Professor, Department of Linguistics and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
IRB 4148 (301) 405-7002 resnikatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Keivan Rezaei Rezaei Keivan PhD Candidate IRB 4120 krezaeiatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Richard Roberts Roberts Richard PhD Candidate IRB 5112 ricroatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Nishant Rodrigues Rodrigues Nishant PhD Candidate ATL 3100 email homepage
empty photo icon for Nathaniel Rollings Rollings Nathaniel PhD Candidate nrollingatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Michael Rosenberg Rosenberg Michael PhD Candidate microatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Nicholas Roussopoulos Roussopoulos Nicholas Professor Emeritus IRB 2160 (301) 405-2687 nickratumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Alexander Rowden Rowden Alexander PhD Candidate IRB 3107 email homepage
Nirupam Roy Roy Nirupam Assistant Professor IRB 3245 niruroyatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Tobias Rubel Rubel Tobias PhD Candidate IRB 3112 trubelatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Rachel Rudinger Rudinger Rachel Assistant Professor IRB 4160 rudingeratumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Brennan Rudy Rudy Brennan Academic Advisor IRB 1138 (301) 405-2719 brudy9atumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Caitlin Rudy Rudy Caitlin Career Access Lead IRB 1248 (301) 405-2675 ckrudyatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Ronaisha Ruth Ruth Ronaisha S3C2 Program Coordinator IRB 1250 rruthatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Zuzanna Rutkowska Rutkowska Zuzanna Master's Candidate zuzannaratumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Erik Rye Rye Erik PhD Candidate The Æther ryeatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
C. Anton Rytting Rytting C. Anton Adjunct Lecturer
Associate Research Scientist, ARLIS
cryttingatumd[.dot.]edu (email)