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CMSC 452: Elementary Theory of Computation

Spring 2017 HOMEPAGE

The Syllabus is in two parts:


HW01 (Morally Due Feb 7)


HW02 (Morally Due Feb 14)


HW03 (Morally Due Feb 21)

PROJECT ONE (Morally Due Mar 14)

HW04 (Morally Due Feb 28)

HW04SOL (Morally Due Feb 28)

HW05 (Morally Due Mar 7)

HW05SOL (Morally Due Mar 7)

HW06 (Morally Due Mar 14)

HW07 (DUE DUE Mar 28)

roots ($2^{1/4}$ not a root of a cubic over $\Z$.)

clever (Clever proofs of closure of DFA's under concat and *.)

Rijk (Notes on the R(i,j,k) algorithm)

Closure (Summary of Closure Properties and some proofs)

WS1S decidable-Notes

WS1S decidable-Talk

WS1S and WS2S Packages

Comm Complexity Talk

Comm Complexity Notes

Aaron George PL

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Bill Gasarch 2017-03-14