PhD Alumni

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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Rutkowski Wallace 1981 Shape segmentation and labeling
Weiss David 1981 Evaluating software development by analysis of change data Victor Basili
Barth C. 1980 The design of a high-level coroutine implementation for the production of quality software Victor Basili
Grinberg Milton 1980 A knowledge-based design environment for digital electronics
Haar Robert 1980 Representation and Manipulation of Spatial Relations
Mohr Jeffrey 1980 On the characterization of computer systems' workloads Ashok Agrawala
Ricart Glenn 1980 Efficient Synchronization Algorithms for Distributed Systems Ashok Agrawala
Ahuja Narendra 1979 Connectedness Properties of Bombing Patterns
Doszkocs Tamas 1979 AID :!n associative interactive dictionary for online bibliographic searching
Dyer Charles 1979 Augmented cellular automata for image analysis
Forman Ira 1979 On the decomposition of programs into primes
Hayes Kenneth 1979 Reading handwritten Words
Herman Martin 1979 Understanding body postures of human stick figures
Lowe George 1979 Heuristic approaches to the decomposition of sparse matrices
Peleg Shmuel 1979 Ambiguity reduction in probabilistic networks
Reiter Robert 1979 A experimental investigation of computer program development approaches and computer programming metrics Victor Basili
Underwood William 1979 Laveen Kanal
Dunsmore Hubert 1978 The influence of programming factors on programming complexity
Gishen Jeffrey 1978 A method for the formal derivation of programs and its applicability to automatic program synthesis
Lemkin Peter 1978 Bone marrow smear image analysis
London Philip 1978 Dependency Networks as a Representation for Modeling in General Problem Solvers
Shaffer Jeffrey 1978 Automatic subroutine generation in an optimizing compiler
Shapiro Bruce 1978 Shape description using boundary sequences
Wu Angela 1978 Cellular Graph Automata
Ford Gary 1977 An investigation of embeddings of cellular spaces for cellular automata
Frederickson Greg 1977 Approximation algorithms for NP-hard routing problems
Hill Eric 1977 Computer Solution of Large Dense Linear Problems G.W. (Pete) Stewart
Parikh Josephine 1977 Automatic cloud classification and segmentation
Stockman George 1977 A problem-reduction approach to the linguistic analysis of waveforms Laveen Kanal
Tung Immanuel 1977 A language-acceptor type of probabilistic cellular automation
Vanderbrug Gordon 1977 Linear feature detection and mapping
Carmichael Arthur 1976 Semantic classification of features of programming languages Victor Basili
Davis Larry 1976 Shape representation and matching
Kulkarni Ashok 1976 Optional and heuristic synthesis of hierarchical classifiers Laveen Kanal
Lemmer John 1976 Algorithms for incompletely specified distributions in a generalized graph model for medical diagnosis Laveen Kanal
McSkimin James 1976 Techniques for Employing Semantic Information in Question-Answering Systems Jack Minker
Nagel Roger 1976 Computer detection of freehand forgeries
Turner Albert 1976 Iterative enhancement:! practical technique for software development Victor Basili
Wilson Gerald 1976 A Description and Analysis of the PAR Technique - An Approach to Parallel Inference and Parallel Search in Problem Solving Systems
Rauscher Tomlinson 1975 Dynamic Problem Oriented Redefinition of Computer Architecture via Microprogramming Ashok Agrawala
Yeh Jeffry 1975 Modelling of concurrent control structures and parallel processing Marvin Zelkowitz
Cook Craig 1974 Grammatical inference by heuristic search.
Fishman Daniel 1973 Experiments with a Resolution-Based Deductive Question-Answering System and a Proposed Clause Representation for Parallel Search Jack Minker
Milgram David 1973 Web automata