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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Spetsakis Minas 1991 The geometry and statistics of visual motion John Aloimonos
Sun Xiaobai 1991 A unified analysis of numerical methods for nearly uncoupled Markov chains G.W. (Pete) Stewart
Yuan Xiaoping 1991 A Decomposition Approach to Real-Time Scheduling on a Single Resource Ashok Agrawala
Basu Anup 1990 Model-based visual navigation John Aloimonos
Bennet Thomas 1990 Using control states for parallelism extraction John D. Gannon
Chou Tsai-Chia 1990 Correspondenceless techniques for computer vision Azriel Rosenfeld
Duggan Dominic 1990 A programming language and environment based on types as specifications William Pugh
Eastman Roger 1990 Using disparity functionals for stereo correspondence and reconstruction Larry Davis
Fujimura Kikuo 1990 Motion planning in dynamic domains Hanan Samet
Giuliano Mark 1990 The Control and Execution of Parallel Logic Programs
Gordon Diana 1990 Active bias adjustment for incremental, supervised concept learning Don Perlis
Hellstrom Benjamin 1990 Thermodynamic neural networks for the approximation of combinatorially hard packing problems Laveen Kanal
Huang Yuangeng 1990 Dynamic scheduling problem solving Laveen Kanal
Huang Shie-Rei 1990 Design and analysis of some high-performance heuristic search algorithms Larry Davis
Joo Bokgyu 1990 Adaptation and composition of program components Victor Basili
Karinthi Raghu 1990 An Algebraic Approach to Feature Interactions Dana Nau
Lin Chih-Chen 1990 Coupling production systems and database systems :! homogeneous approach Timos Sellis
Lobo Jose 1990 Semantics for Normal Disjunctive Logic Programs
Mitchell Elizabeth 1990 A competitive activation mechanism for semantic inference James Reggia
Murphy Sandra 1990 Service specification and protocol construction for a layered architecture A. Udaya Shankar
Pleszkoch Mark 1990 Machine learning with queries and oracles William Gasarch
Ryu Kwan 1990 Efficient parallel algorithms on the network model
Sullins John 1990 Distributed learning: Motion in constraint space John Aloimonos
Ang Chuan 1989 Analysis and Applications of Hierarchical Data Structures Hanan Samet
Bhatnagar Raj 1989 Construction of preferred causal hypotheses for reasoning with uncertain knowledge Laveen Kanal
Chandran Sharat 1989 Merging in parallel computational geometry David Mount
Chu Jiang-Hsing 1989 An analysis of caching with an application to binary storage trees Gary Don Knott
Cui Qian 1989 Data-oriented exception handling John D. Gannon
Ginat David 1989 Adaptive ordering of contending processes in distributed systems Shankar Agrawala
Huang Yennun 1989 Resource allocation with fault tolerance Satish Kumar Tripathi
Jou Emery 1989 Minimal energy splines Gary Don Knott
Kambhampati Subbarao 1989 Flexible reuse and modification in hierarchical planning James Hendler
Margalit Avraham 1989 Efficient image matching Azriel Rosenfeld
Rajasekar Arcot 1989 Semantics of Disjunctive Logic Programs
Vanecek George 1989 Set Operations on Polyhedra using Decomposition Methods Dana Nau
Waclawsky John 1989 Window dynamics Ashok Agrawala
Waltzman Rand 1989 Geometric problem solving by machine visualization Azriel Rosenfeld
Yang Qiang 1989 Improving the Efficiency of Planning Dana Nau
Yuan Shyan-Ming 1989 An Efficient Communication Structure for Decentralized Algorithms with Fault Tolerance Ashok Agrawala
Chi Ping-Chung 1988 In Search of Better Decision Making in Computer Game Playing Dana Nau
Dasigi Venugopal 1988 Word sense disambiguation in descriptive text interpretation :! dual-route parsimonious covering model James Reggia
Dillencourt Michael 1988 Graph-theoretical properties of algorithms involving Delaunay triangulations Hanan Samet
Drapkin Jennifer 1988 Step-logic :2easoning situated in time Don Perlis
Fekete Gyorgy 1988 Object recognition using property spheres Larry Davis
Gal Annie 1988 Cooperative Responses in Deductive Databases
Hung Yubin 1988 Processing geometric representations on SIMD computers Azriel Rosenfeld
Levi Shem-Tov 1988 A Methodology for Designing Distributed, Fault-Tolerant, and Reactive Real-Time Operating Systems Ashok Agrawala
Nelson Randal 1988 Visual navigation John Aloimonos
Pearson Glenn 1988 Foot-operated cursor-position controls for computer workstations :$esign, implementation, and evaluation Ben Shneiderman
Antoy Sergio 1987 Automatically provable specifications John D. Gannon