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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Sanna Madan Madan Sanna PhD Candidate smadan12 [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Hanuma Teja Maddali Maddali Hanuma Teja PhD Candidate hmaddali [at] (email)
Sazan Mahbub Mahbub Sazan Master's Candidate smahbub [at] (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Mohammad Mahdavi Mahdavi Mohammad PhD Candidate mahdavi [at] (email)
Shishira R Maiya Maiya Shishira R Master's Candidate IRB 4207 shishira [at] (email)
Samuel Malede Zewdu Malede Zewdu Samuel Communications Coordinator IRB 2124 (301) 405-2201 szewdu [at] (email)
Jennifer Manly Manly Jennifer Adjunct Lecturer IRB 2224 jmanly [at] (email)
Dinesh Manocha Manocha Dinesh Professor
Paul Chrisman Iribe Professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Distinguished University Professor
IRB 5164 (301) 405-2741 dmanocha [at] (email)
Pavan Mantripragada Mantripragada Pavan PhD Candidate mppavan [at] (email)
Richard Marciano Marciano Richard Affiliate Professor HBK 4113 South (301) 314-0281 marciano [at] (email)
Michael Marsh Marsh Michael Lecturer IRB 2218 (301) 405-7445
mmarsh [at] (email)
Nicolas Martinez Martinez Nicolas Finance Coordinator IRB 2128 (301) 404-2409 nicolasm [at] (email)
Keith Marzullo Marzullo Keith Affiliate Professor
Dean, iSchool
4105 Hornbake Library (301) 405-2033 marzullo [at] (email) homepage
Richa Mathur Mathur Richa Assistant Program Director, Executive and Faculty Affairs IRB 2132 (301) 405-1034 rmathur4 [at] (email)
Puneet Mathur Mathur Puneet PhD Candidate IRB 5116 puneetm [at] (email)
Angelos Mavrogiannis Mavrogiannis Angelos PhD Candidate ARC Lab email homepage
Christopher Maxey Maxey Christopher PhD Candidate IRB 3108 cmaxey [at] (email)
Michael Maynord Maynord Michael PhD Candidate IRB 3237 maynord [at] (email)
Michelle Mazurek Mazurek Michelle Associate Professor
Co-Director, Maryland Cybersecurity Center
AVW 4465 (301) 405-6463 mmazurek [at] (email) homepage
Joshua Mcclellan Mcclellan Joshua PhD Candidate joshmccl [at] (email)
Sharron McElroy McElroy Sharron Director of Operations and Finance IRB 2138 (301) 405-8699
(540) 250-6272 Cell
smcelroy [at] (email)
Priyanka Mehta Mehta Priyanka Master's Candidate pmehta1 [at] (email)
empty photo icon for Alexander Mendelsohn Mendelsohn Alexander PhD Candidate amendel2 [at] (email)
Hsien-Yu Meng Meng Hsien-Yu PhD Candidate IRB 5116 email homepage
Moustafa Meshry Meshry Moustafa PhD Candidate IRB 4207 mmeshry [at] (email) homepage
Christopher Metzler Metzler Christopher Assistant Professor IRB 4236 metzler [at] (email) homepage
Ian Miers Miers Ian Assistant Professor IRB 5242 imiers [at] (email)
empty photo icon for David Miller Miller David PhD Candidate dym [at] (email)
Stevens Miller Miller Stevens Lecturer AVW 3251 stevensm [at] (email)
Carl Miller Miller Carl Adjunct Assistant Professor IRB 5256 (301) 405-7367 camiller [at] (email) homepage
Shlok Mishra Mishra Shlok PhD Candidate IRB 4112 shlokm [at] (email) homepage
Trisha Mittal Mittal Trisha PhD Candidate IRB 5116 trisha [at] (email) homepage
Mazda Moayeri Moayeri Mazda PhD Candidate IRB 4120 mmoayeri [at] (email) homepage
Phoebe Moh Moh Phoebe PhD Candidate pmoh [at] (email)
Erin Molloy Molloy Erin Assistant Professor IRB 3236 ekmolloy [at] (email) homepage
Ishani Mondal Mondal Ishani PhD Candidate imondal [at] (email)
Maksym Morawski Morawski Maksym Lecturer IRB 2234 morawski [at] (email)
David Mount Mount David Professor
Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education
IRB 4162 (301) 405-2704 mount [at] (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Alexander Edward Movsesyan Movsesyan Alexander Edward PhD Candidate amovsesy [at] (email)
Soumik Mukhopadhyay Mukhopadhyay Soumik PhD Candidate IRB 4207 soumik [at] (email)
James Mullen Mullen James PhD Candidate IRB 5108 mullenj [at] (email)
Harihara Subrahmaniam Muralidharan Muralidharan Harihara Subrahmaniam PhD Candidate IRB 3112 hsmurali [at] (email) homepage