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Last First Title Location Phone E-mail Web
Namitha Padmanabhan Padmanabhan Namitha Master's Candidate email
Nelson Padua-Perez Padua-Perez Nelson Principal Lecturer IRB 2210 (301) 405-4539 nelsonatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Shramay Palta Palta Shramay PhD Candidate IRB 4108 spaltaatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Michael-Andrei Panaitescu-Liess Panaitescu-Liess Michael-Andrei PhD Candidate mpanaiteatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Pablo Paredes Paredes Pablo Assistant Professor IRB 4142 paredesatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Rachel Parsons Parsons Rachel PhD Candidate rparsonsatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
empty photo icon for Aditya Parvate Patil Parvate Patil Aditya PhD Candidate adppatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
empty photo icon for Shrey Patel Patel Shrey PhD Candidate pshreyatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Bhrij Patel Patel Bhrij PhD Candidate bbp13atumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Pankayaraj Pathmanathan Pathmanathan Pankayaraj PhD Candidate panatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Siddhi Patil Patil Siddhi Master's Candidate scpatilatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Vaishnavi Patil Patil Vaishnavi Master's Candidate IRB 4112 vspatilatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Biswaksen Patnaik Patnaik Biswaksen PhD Candidate Small Artifacts Lab, IRB 0102
Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering
University of Maryland College Park
bpatnaikatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Rob Patro Patro Rob Associate Professor IRB 3220 robatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
empty photo icon for Sukriti Paul Paul Sukriti Master's Candidate sukriti5atumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Taylor Paul Paul Taylor PhD Candidate thpaulatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Huaishu Peng Peng Huaishu Assistant Professor IRB 4126 huaishuatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Yuxiang Peng Peng Yuxiang PhD Candidate ypeng15atcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Siyuan Peng Peng Siyuan PhD Candidate peng2000atumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Don Perlis Perlis Don Professor Emeritus IRB 2164 (301) 405-2685 perlisatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Larry Petruccy Petruccy Larry Senior Academic Advisor IRB 1146 301-405-2691 lpetruc1atumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Khoi Pham Pham Khoi PhD Candidate IRB 4207 (714) 989-0009 khoiatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Latara Philpott Philpott Latara Business Coordinator IRB 2148 301-405-2678 lphilpotatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Quynh Phung Phung Quynh PhD Candidate quynhptatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Jandelyn Plane Plane Jandelyn Principal Lecturer Emerita
Director of the Iribe Initiative for Inclusion and Diversity in Computing and the Maryland Center for Women in Computing and Associate Director of ACES
IRB 1254 (301) 405-2754 email homepage
Marianna Podzorova Podzorova Marianna PhD Candidate ATL 3105 2012098303 mariannaatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Srividya Ponnada Ponnada Srividya Master's Candidate sponnadaatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Mihai Pop Pop Mihai Professor
Director, University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS)
IRB 3132/3134 301-405-6722 m[.dot.]popatacm[.dot.]org (email) homepage
Phillip Pope Pope Phillip PhD Candidate IRB 4120 pepopeatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Adam Porter Porter Adam Professor
Fraunhofer Executive Director
IRB 5212 (301) 405-2702 aporteratcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Deena Postol Postol Deena PhD Candidate IRB 5108 dpostolatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
Julio Poveda Poveda Julio PhD Candidate jpovedaatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Aviva Prins Prins Aviva PhD Candidate IRB 4120 avivaatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email)
Jacob Prinz Prinz Jacob PhD Candidate IRB 5108 jprinzatumd[.dot.]edu (email)
William Pugh Pugh William Professor Emeritus IRB 2164 pughatcs[.dot.]umd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage
Joanna Purich Purich Joanna PhD Candidate email
James Purtilo Purtilo James Associate Professor IRB 5214 (301) 405-2706 purtiloatumd[.dot.]edu (email) homepage