Algorithms and Theory

Algorithms and Theory

Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) is concerned with understanding the very nature of computation: What problems can be solved by computers and how efficiently can such problems be solved? Can "hard" problems be used to our advantage in any way? TCS encompasses research in such diverse areas as complexity theory, algorithms, cryptography and coding theory, distributed and parallel computing, social networks, machine learning, game theory, and more. The common thread is a focus on precise models and rigorous mathematical analysis of particular problems within those models.

Associated Faculty

Photo of Andrew Childs

Andrew Childs

Photo of Laxman Dhulipala

Laxman Dhulipala

Assistant Professor
Photo of William Gasarch

William Gasarch

Photo of Daniel Gottesman

Daniel Gottesman

Brin Family Endowed Professor in Theoretical Computer Science
Photo of Mohammad Hajiaghayi

Mohammad Hajiaghayi

Jack and Rita G. Minker Professor
Photo of Furong Huang

Furong Huang

Assistant Professor
Photo of Jonathan Katz

Jonathan Katz

Distinguished Scholar-Teacher
Photo of Clyde Kruskal

Clyde Kruskal

Associate Professor
Photo of David Mount

David Mount

Associate Chair of Undergraduate Education
Photo of Rob Patro

Rob Patro

Associate Professor
Photo of Hanan Samet

Hanan Samet

Distinguished University Professor
Photo of Aravind Srinivasan

Aravind Srinivasan

Distinguished University Professor
Photo of Xiaodi Wu

Xiaodi Wu

Associate Professor
Photo of Samir Khuller

Samir Khuller

Professor Emeritus
Distinguished Scholar Teacher
Photo of Yi-Kai Liu

Yi-Kai Liu

Adjunct Associate Professor
Photo of Carl Miller

Carl Miller

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Photo of S. Cenk Sahinalp

S. Cenk Sahinalp

Adjunct Professor
Senior Investigator, National Cancer Institute, NIH
Photo of Alexander Barg

Alexander Barg

Affiliate Professor
Photo of Dana Dachman-Soled

Dana Dachman-Soled

Affiliate Associate Professor
Photo of Uzi Vishkin

Uzi Vishkin

Affiliate Professor
Photo of Haizhao Yang

Haizhao Yang

Affiliate Associate Professor
Photo of Kaiqing Zhang

Kaiqing Zhang

Affiliate Assistant Professor