CMSC/Math/ENE 456 -- Fall 2023

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Problem Sets

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Practice problems for the

These are lists of problems from the textbook that you can try.

Topics covered in class: pdf

Solution sets are available on ELMS roughly 1 week after the due date for the assignment.


If you are reading these slides before you see the lecture and you see a "Vote" on the slide, stop and think about your answer before proceeding. The point of those votes is to get you to think about the material during the lecture.

Tentative Class Outline

Learning Objectives


Your grade will have 3 components:

For each of the three components of the grade, 120 points will be available, but the maximum possible score will be 100. There is the possibility of further curving any individual problem set or exam if I decide it was substantially harder than I expected. I will not curve down grades if the assignment is easier than expected.

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