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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Ng Yue 2018 Video Understanding with Deep Networks  Larry Davis
Ng Raymond 1992 Reasoning with uncertainty in deductive databases and logic programs
Nguyen Bao 2013 Testing GUI-Based Software with Undetermined Input Spaces 
Nguyen Viet An 2015 Guided Probabilistic Topic Models for Agenda-Setting and Framing  Philip Resnik
Nguyen Phuc 2019 Higher-order Symbolic Execution  David Van Horn
Nirkhe Vivek 1992 Satish Kumar Tripathi
Nishigaki Morimichi 2012 The Image Torque Operator for Mid-Level Vision: Theory and Experiment  John Aloimonos
Niu Xing 2019 Formality Style Transfer Within and Across Languages with Limited Supervision  Marine Carpuat
Noh Sam 1993 Characterizing the Execution of Applications on Massively Parallel Systems Ashok Agrawala
North Christopher 2000 A user interface for coordinating visualizations based on relational schemata :3nap-together visualization Ben Shneiderman
Ogale Abhijit 2004 The Compositional Character of Visual Correspondence  John Aloimonos
Oh Uran 2016 Accessible On-Body Interaction for People With Visual Impairments 
Ondov Brian 2020 Revealing Perceptual Proxies in Comparative Data Visualization  Niklas Elmqvist
Ostertag Eduardo 1992 A Classification system for software reuse Hendler
Ozcan Fatma 2001 Improving the Performance of Heterogeneous Data Sources and Agents
Ozdemir Bahadir 2016 Learning Binary Code Representations for Effective and Efficient Image Retrieval  Larry Davis
Pan Zhijian 2007 Artificial Evolution of Self-Replicating Structures in Cellular Automata  James Reggia
Parameswaran Vasudev 2004 Viewpoint Invariance in Visual Human Motion Analysis 
Parikh Josephine 1977 Automatic cloud classification and segmentation Azriel Rosenfeld
Park Deok 2018 Visual Analytics for Open-Ended Tasks in Text Mining  Niklas Elmqvist
Park Young Sam 2016 Active Data Collection Techniques to Understand Online Scammers and Cybercriminals  Elaine Shi
Park Eunhui 2013 Dynamic Data Structures for Geometric Search and Retrieval  David Mount
Park Jun-cheol 1998 Automatic Synthesis of Time Dependent Communication Protocols
Park Sungwoo 2011 Matrix Reduction in Numerical Optimization  Dianne O'Leary
Parker James 2020 Advanced Language-based Techniques for Correct, Secure Networked Systems  Michael Hicks
Parker Austin 2008 Spatial Probabilistic Temporal Databases  Dana NauV.S. Subrahmanian
Parthasarathy Srinivasan 2006 Resource Allocation in Networked and Distributed Environments  Aravind Srinivasan
Patkar Sushant 2021 Fantastic Sources Of Tumor Heterogeneity And How To Characterize Them  Soheil Feizi
Patra Sunandita 2020 Acting, Planning, and Learning Using Hierarchical Operational Models  Dana Nau
Patro Robert 2012 Computationally Comparing Biological Networks and Reconstructing Their Evolution  Carl Kingsford
Pawagi Shaunak 1986 Incremental graph algorithms for parallel random access machines Ramakrishnan
Pearson Glenn 1988 Foot-operated cursor-position controls for computer workstations :$esign, implementation, and evaluation Ben Shneiderman
Peleg Shmuel 1979 Ambiguity reduction in probabilistic networks Azriel Rosenfeld
Peng Feng 2006 High Performance Xpath Evaluation in XML Streams  Sudarshan S. Chawathe
Peng Yun 1985 A formalization of parsimonious covering and probabilistic reasoning in abductive diagnostic inference James Reggia
Peng Shangfu 2019 High-Throughput Network Distance Computations for Spatial Analytics Inside Any Store  Hanan Samet
Perer Adam 2008 Integrating Statistics and Visualization to Improve Exploratory Social Network Analysis  Ben Shneiderman
Peskov Denis 2022 Gathering Natural Language Processing Data Using Experts  Jordan Boyd-Graber
Petroni Nick 2007 Property-Based Integrity Monitoring of Operating System Kernels  William Arbaugh, Michael Hicks
Petroni Nick 2007 Property-Based Integrity Monitoring of Operating System Kernels  William Arbaugh, Michael Hicks
Phillippy Adam 2010 Whole-Genome Sequence Analysis for Pathogen Detection and Diagnostics  Steven Salzberg
Pless Robert 2000 Visual shape John Aloimonos
Pleszkoch Mark 1990 Machine learning with queries and oracles William Gasarch
Popescu Catalin 2000 Fast Evaluation of Intergrated-Services TCP/IP Networks A. Udaya Shankar
Postow Brian 2002 Object based computation Carl Herbert Smith
Potter Richard 1999 Pixel Data Access: Interprocess Communication in the User Interface for End-User Programming and Graphical Macros Ben Shneiderman
Pradhan Shekhar 2001 Reasoning with conflicting information in artificial intelligence and database theory
Pratikakis Polyvios 2008 Sound, Precise and Efficient Static Race Detection for Multi-Threaded Programs  Michael Hicks, Jeffrey Foster