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Last First Graduation Year Dissertation Advisor(s)
Sher Chiao-Yung 1992 Parallel and hierarchical segmentation of salient image primitives Azriel Rosenfeld
Sheorey Sameer 2008 Recognition and Matching in the Presence of Deformation and Lighting Change  David Jacobs
Sharmin Mahfuza 2017 Model Based approaches to characterize heterogeneity in gene regulation across cells and disease types 
Sharma Rajeev 1993 Visual interception John Aloimonos
Sharma Abhishek 2015 Learning from Multiple Views of Data  David Jacobs
Sharara Hossam 2012 The Dynamics of Multi-Modal Networks  Lise Getoor
Sharaf Amr 2020 Learning with Minimal Supervision: New Meta-Learning and Reinforcement Learning Algorithms  Hal Daumé III
Shapiro Bruce 1978 Shape description using boundary sequences Azriel Rosenfeld
Shakarian Paulo 2011 Spatio-Temporal Reasoning About Agent Behavior  V.S. Subrahmanian
Shah Nidhi 2021 Data-driven algorithms for characterizing microbial communities  Mihai Pop
Shaffer Jeffrey 1978 Automatic subroutine generation in an optimizing compiler Matthew Hecht
Shafahi Ali 2020 Adversarial Vulnerabilities of Deep Networks and Affordable Robustness  Tom Goldstein
Setia Sanjeev 1993 Scheduling on multiprogrammed, distributed memory parallel computers Satish Kumar Tripathi
Seo Jinwook 2005 Information Visualization Design for Multidimensional Data: Integrating the Rank-by-Feature Framework with Hierarchial Clustering  Ben Shneiderman
Seng Chuk 2010 Robust Trust Establishment in Decentralized Networks  William Arbaugh
Sen Prithviraj 2009 Representing and Querying Uncertain Data  Lise Getoor
Selby Richard 1985 Evaluations of software technologies :4esting, CLEANROOM, and metrics Victor Basili
Sears Andrew 1993 Layout appropiateness :'uiding user interface design with simple task descriptions Ben Shneiderman
Seaman Carolyn 1996 Organizational issues in software development :!n empirical study of communication Victor Basili
Schwartz William 2010 Looking at People Using Partial Least Squares  Larry Davis
Schwarcz Steven Alexander 2021 Deep Video Analytics of Humans: From Action Recognition to Forgery Detection  Rama Chellappa
Schumann Candice 2020 Exploring Diversity and Fairness in Machine Learning  John Dickerson
Schulze Christoph 2018 Rance Cleaveland (1961-2024)
Schulze Christoph 2018 Model-Based Testing of Off-Nominal Behaviors  Rance Cleaveland (1961-2024)
Schulz Reiner 2004 One-Shot Multi-Winner Self-Organizing Maps  James Reggia
Schulman Aaron 2013 Observing and Improving the Reliability of Internet Last-Mile Connectivity 
Schoute Eddie 2021 Quantum routing for architecture-respecting circuit transformations  Andrew Childs
Schatz Michael 2010 High Performance Computing for DNA Sequence Alignment and Assembly  Steven Salzberg
Sayyadi Hassan 2014 Authority Flow-Based Ranking in Heterogeneous Networks: Prediction, Personalization, and Learning to Rank  Louiqa Raschid
Sayeed Asad 2011 A Distributional and Syntactic Approach to Fine-Grained Opinion Mining  Amy Weinberg
Sayed Mahmoud 2021 Search Among Sensitive Content  Doug Oard
Sawant Anshul 2016 Computational Analysis of Intelligent Agents: Social and Strategic Settings  V.S. Subrahmanian
Savarese Daniel 2005 Dynamic Reconfiguration with Virtual Services  James Purtilo
Saur Karla 2015 Dynamic Upgrades for High Availability Systems  Michael HicksJeffery Foster
Sarpatwar Kanthi Kiran 2015 Allocation Algorithms for Networks with Scarce Resources  Samir Khuller
Sarkar Hirak 2020 Computational approaches for improving the accuracy and efficiency of RNA-seq analysis  Rob Patro
Santhanam Venkataraman 2018 Towards Generalized Frameworks for Object Recognition  Larry Davis
Sankaranarayanan Jagan 2008 Scalable Query Processing on Spatial Network  Hanan Samet
Sanghi Dheeraj 1993
Sanghi Dheeraj 1993 Flow Control in Computer Networks Ashok Agrawala
Salem Mohammed 2018 Sparse Representations and Feature Learning for Image Set Classification and Correspondence Estimation 
Salem Mohammed 2017
Saleh Mohammadabad Hamed 2023 Parallel Algorithms for Processing Massive Texts and Graphs  Mohammad Hajiaghayi
Saksena Manas 1994 Parametric Scheduling for Hard Real-Time Systems Gerber Agrawala
Sahu Avinash 2016 Data Driven Approaches to Identify Determinants of Heart Diseases and Cancer Resistance 
Sahinalp S. Cenk 1997 Locally consistent parsing for string processing Uzi Vishkin
Saha Debanjan 1995 Supporting distributed multimedia applications on ATM networks Satish Kumar Tripathi
Saha Barna 2011 Approximation Algorithms for Resources Allocation  Samir Khuller
Saalfeld Alan 1993 Conflation :!utomated map compilation Hanan Samet
Saadatpanah Parsa 2021 Adversarial Machine Learning in the Wild  Tom Goldstein