Research Projects

Social Street View: Blending Immersive Street Views with Geo-tagged Social Media

This project presents an immersive geo-spatial social media system for virtual and augmented reality environments. With the rapid growth of photo-sharing social media sites such as Flickr, Pinterest, and Instagram, geo-tagged photographs are now ubiquitous. However, the current systems for their navigation are unsatisfyingly one- or two-dimensional. In this paper, we present our prototype system, Social Street View, which renders the geo-tagged social media in its natural geo-spatial context provided by immersive maps, such as Google Street View. This paper presents new algorithms for fusing and laying out the social media in an aesthetically pleasing manner with geospatial renderings, validates them with respect to visual saliency metrics, suggests spatio-temporal filters, and presents a system architecture that is able to stream geo-tagged social media and render it across a range of display platforms spanning tablets, desktops, head-mounted displays, and large-area room-sized curved tiled displays. The paper concludes by exploring several potential use cases including immersive social storytelling, learning about culture and crowd-sourced tourism.





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