Social Networks

Student Papers: IEEE Social Computing Conference

Two team projects from Professor Shneiderman's CMSC 734 Info Visualization course were accepted to IEEE Social Computing Conference, October 9-11 in Boston, MA.

Gove, R., Gramsky,, N., Kirby, R., Sefer, E., Sopan, A., Dunne, C., Shneiderman, B. and Taieb-Maimon, M., NetVisia: Heat map & matrix visualization of dynamic social network statistics & content, Proc. IEEE Conference on Social Computing, IEEE Press, Piscataway, NJ (to appear, October 2011).

SOMA Terror Organization Portal (STOP) featured in several news media

The Lab for Computational Cultural Dynamics' SOMA Terror Organization Portal (STOP) and social network site for terrorism related analysis and prediction was featured in several major news media. STOP provides methods for reasoning about terror groups and forecasting what they might do in the future. In addition, it contains unique social networking capabilities that allow analysts to effectively cooperate in order to better understand and counteract terror groups.

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