CMSC 250 Slides and Recordings. Dates for the future are guesswork


Jan 25: Game Trees SLIDES

Jan 26: Admin, Intro to Discrete Math SLIDES

Jan 26: Permutations and Combinations SLIDES

Jan 28 Binomial, Trinomial, and Knomial Thm Knomials SLIDES

Jan 28 (Part of it) The Law of Inclusion and Exclusion SLIDES

Feb 1 Mods, Floors, Ceilings SLIDES

Feb 1 Making Change SLIDES

Feb 2 The Pigeonhole Principle SLIDES

Feb 4 Muffin Mathematics SLIDES MUSIC VIDEO

Feb 4 Extra Material on muffins Paper on Muffins

Feb 4 More Extra Material on muffins Longer paper on Muffins

Feb 8 Combinatorics SLIDES

Feb 8 Dynamic Programming SLIDES

Feb 11,16 Prob SLIDES

Kenny Rogers Song The Gambler

Feb 15 (also Feb 8) Grid Coloring SLIDES

Feb 16 Hat Check Problem Slides SLIDES

Feb 17 Stars and Bars - number of solutions SLIDES

Feb 22 Bayes Thm, Bday Paradox Bayes SLIDES Bday SLIDES

3Blue1Brown on Bayes ThmVideo

3B1B on Medical Test Paradox and B's Thm Video

Feb 23 The Square Thm SLIDES

Feb 24 Loaded Dice and Review SLIDES


Feb 25 Logic Prop SLIDES Circ SLIDES Equiv SLIDES

Mar 1 Logic Problems Review SLIDES

Mar 2 Sets and Quantifiers SLIDES

Mar 3 Logic Problems Review, Same slides as Mar 1

Mar 4 Math With Quantifiers SLIDES

Mar 8 Review for Mid SLIDES

Mar 9 Midterm One Review SLIDES

Mar 10 More Circuits! SLIDES

Mar 11 DS Games SLIDES DS Games NOTES



Mar 22 Proof Techniques (Number Theory) SLIDES

Mar 22 Proofs in General/Partitions SLIDES SLIDES

Mar 23 Proof Techniques (Number Theory) SLIDES

Mar 25 Sums, Products, Sequences SLIDES

Mar 29 Slides on Review of Induction

Mar 30 W. Ind SLIDES S. Ind SLIDES S. Ind. Ineq SLIDES C. Ind. SLIDES

Mar 31 hw06 review SLIDES, Tree Induction Slides

Apr 1 and Apr 6 AM-GM Inquality SLIDES

Apr 6 The Emptier-Filler Game SLIDES

Apr 7 Induction Review SLIDES

Apr 12,14 Crypto First three SLIDE packets

Apr 13 Recip SLIDES Rel and Functions SLIDES

Apr 15 Infinity SLIDES


Apr 20 There exists Transendental Numbers SLIDES

2^{1/3} does not solve a quadratic with coeffiencts in Z NOTES

2^{1/4} does not solve a cubic with coeffiencts in Z NOTES

Blog Post on Trans Numbers

Apr 22 Orderings SLIDES

Apr 22 The Hat Problem (no recording) SLIDES

Apr 26 Neurodivergence SLIDES

Apr 27 SLIDES on e is irrational

Apr 27 Trick Question or Stupid Question? SLIDES

Apr 29 SLIDES on Liouville Numbers being Transcendal REC

May 3 SLIDES Egg Problem SLIDES Forehead Problem

May 4 SLIDES on Recurrences SLIDES on Number of ways to Parenthesize

May 5 HW 10 SLIDES SLIDES on e squared not rational

May 6 Problems with a Point: The Book! SLIDES Beyond CMSC 250H

May 10 Final Review in recitation SLIDES